About the Art Forms

This website is not specifically geared toward any particular art form, subject matter, or audience. Rather, it is a universal outlet for me, a diverse dabbler.

There is an old saying, "A Jack-of-all-trades is master of none." Wary of it as a kid, I decided to become a novelist when I grew up, because that profession entailed versatility. I could write fiction or non-fiction, draw inspiration from real things, people, and places or just plain invent it ALL like a boss, master prose, rhyme, foreign languages, music, illustration and design, architecture, sculpture, theater, psychology, all kinds of science and engineering, or whatever, and pour it all into one package: books, like my own personal universe.

Now (2014), 11 years later, instead of books per se, I usually bring my designs halfway to life already before they even hit the literary page. Templates, patterns, blueprints, .STLs, .PDOs, whatever one wants to call them, I make them all because we artists are bored with reality and would infinitely rather FIX IT than just ignore or accept it. Why only imagine when one can develop?!

Paper Sculptures





2D-Media (drawing)

1D-Media (writing)

DIY Awareness (tutorials)

Merch (commercial t-shirts)

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