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Q: What is papercraft?
Short A: You cut shapes out of paper and glue them together by number to get a model that looks like it was 3D-printed. Long Answer

Q: Do you take requests?
Short A: Usually no. Try your luck, but either way, don't expect a reply.

Q: I wrote to you months ago and never heard back….
Short A: I saw it and probably had an anxiety attack. (I'm an introvert.)

Q: I'm making a film with my request….
Short A: I'll have to set mine aside to help you with yours, but if its simple, maybe.

Long Answer to All Three

Q: How do I make a papercraft into a costume?
Short A: Strengthen or substitute the paper.

Q: It doesn't fit me….
Short A: Have you tried taking it on and off again? Naw, I'm kidding. 🙂

Q: How do I make my own 3D models?
Short A: Pour blood, sweat, and tears into Blender, stir in coffee, add dirt to taste.

Long Answer to All Three: Tutorials Section

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